Why ‘Circles of Blue’?

So why Circles of Blue?

It’s not because we’re sad about anything, although Lord knows we’ve had our moments trying to get our heads around the life changer known as type 1 diabetes.
The Blue Circle is the internationally recognised symbol of diabetes so that’s one reason for the name.

This blog will not just be about one person with type 1 but how it affects the family, our circle. I tried to come up with something clever focusing around the word ‘family’ or ‘d’ for diabetes but never felt happy with any of my ideas until I thought about Circles of Blue. That’s it, nothing special.

And the image? For the modern art lovers: the first circle is the international symbol for diabetes; it fades away into the other four which represent the four members of our family as we’re affected at different intensities at different times; the fading represents the fact that some activities are not upset or affected by diabetes but it’s always there in the background. For the non modern art lovers: it’s an image featuring circles, okay?

If you’re interested what inspired me to create this blog check out this page.

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