Be inspired – you make me wanna (blog again)

I probably didn’t need too much encouragement to blog again.

Creating and writing my first blog – Big Cats & Holy Ghats – about our first family trip to India, back in 2009, was an enjoyable experience and I had some really nice comments about it. Later, I found it useful whilst writing posts on to refer to information on that blog rather than re-hash the same old thing, time and time again.

Things were stepped up for the second blog – Monsoon Meandering – and saw the use of many more photos plus some video. I also blogged on average two articles a day, much more than before, so clearly I quite liked blogging.

What I needed now was a reason to blog again.

It never occurred to me that Diabetes would be that reason but it makes sense as I’ve spent lots of time reading anything and everything written by parents of type 1 children. As soon as Amy was diagnosed I thought about blogging right from the start but my efforts were needed dealing with it all; I had no time for blogging.

My next inspiration: Learn the way of the Ninja


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