Be inspired – learn the way of the Ninja

I can pinpoint my inspiration to want to blog again to three individuals, none of whom I’ve ever met*. They have unknowingly relighted my desire to blog again, so if the posts of mine you’ve read are crap it’s their fault (not really, I’m joking).
* I’ve met Ninja a few times now, Amy really looks up to her.


Here’s the first one


Ninjabetic, my local twittererer

A colleague at work told me about Ninjabetic after she appeared on the local TV station talking about the online Ninjabetic blog/Facebook/Twitter accounts.

At this stage I’d not thought of using Twitter or Facebook as aids to my diabetes education but out of geeky curiosity I checked out the Ninjabetic Facebook page, only because it was local.

Since then I’ve followed her tweets, chatted with some of her followers and learnt so much from them all.

I especially felt connected with her article Blogging is my therapy.
Find Ninjabetic on twitter, on Facebook, on her blog.

My next inspiration: Danie and her Mum

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