Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Amy got an Animas Vibe insulin pump on 20th June 2013 mainly due to its ability to link with Dexcom’s G4 CGM system, meaning Amy would not have to carry around another device to show CGM readings.
Almost one year later Amy installed her first DexcomG4 sensor and transmitter and started down hopefully a long road of using CGM to help her manage her diabetes.

Why use CGM?

For us it’s simple: we believe it will help Amy short term and more importantly long-term. With Amy being on an insulin pump we have the ability to fine-tune the amount of basal (background) insulin being delivered throughout the day and night; the finer the fine-tuning the easier it will be (we hope) to deal with the many other factors (food, stress, exercise) that cause blood glucose levels to fluctuate.
The less fluctuation will hopefully mean a lower HbA1c, result. (It’s possible to have a low HbA1c result with lots of fluctuation but that would mean endless hypos and hypers and nobody wants that.)
Lower HbA1c results will hopefully reduce Amy’s chances of developing the horrid complications which can result from having diabetes.
CGM costs a fair bit of money but if you can afford it what price is someone’s health? We’re lucky to be in a position where it’s an easy decision.

How long are the sensors lasting?

Check out the sensor statistics and costs page.

How much is it all costing?

Check out the sensor statistics and costs page.


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