Here’s a collection of posts about Amy’s diagnosis with type 1 diabetes, how we all felt about it, things people said, things we learned and how we coped in the next few days.

Here’s a poem about Amy’s diagnosis:
A Childhood All Gone – A poem about Amy’s diagnosis

Here’s what happened and how we felt about it

Diagnosis – 29th December 2010

Diagnosis – a Father’s viewpoint

Diagnosis – a Mother’s viewpoint

Diagnosis – a diabetic 10 year old’s viewpoint

Diagnosis – the first injection

The ‘What to do if your kid doesn’t wake up’ training session

All aboard the diabetes coach

First questions from a newly diagnosed diabetic

Does this mean I can’t go to India anymore?

The smallest conversation can mean so much

Coming home from hospital

First injection at home, my best friend saved the day

Going back to school – a diabetic 10 year old’s view

Going back to school – a Mother’s view

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