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  1. Jules says:

    I am so happy to have found your site. I have never felt so isolated in my life and try to tackle this alone as much as I can.. Diagnosed when rushed to hospital Aug weighing 6 stone with 2 days to live 2006 aged 44. Luckily given a pump 6 years ago but this is a lonely condition and as you know you have to cope alone and not bother the medical teams.. I want to travel more.. Mountain walked alone in Italy but have been nervous about India and desperately want to go, and also scared to return to USA because of their treatment of people with pumps. So your bit on India has inspired me to try and be stronger.. I am on Apidra so need to find out where I could buy it in India/Kerala. Thank you for this site I didn’t know about it but it’s a tonic!

    • Seth says:

      Treatment of those on a pump in the USA? Assuming referring to travel, security protocols, etc… 20 years (on a pump), worst experience (traveling in the US) was being asked to briefly disconnect so that they could run the machine through the machine… Usually have to plan for a little more time at the security gates because of the metal (I think more in the leather case with metal clip than anything)… But in that time have also traveled Europe (mostly western) several times after living there for a period and briefly to Canada one time can’t think of any specific issues coming and going. Yes, there are d adventure stories, but…

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