Getting an insulin pump

On the 15th March 2013 Amy made the decision that she wanted to try an insulin pump. She was diagnosed in December 2010 and has been injecting insulin in a regime named MDI (multiple daily injections).

This series of articles is about our journey on the road to joining the other insulin pumpers out there.

1. Educating Amy
2. Amy’s epiphany
3. Requesting a pump
4. Inspiration from Paul Weller
5. Climbing each rung and setting up pump demos
6. Carbohydrate counting training refresher
7. Pump demo – Roche Accu-chek Combo
8. Unofficial Pump demo – Animas Vibe
9. Official pump demo – Animas Vibe
10. A date with a pump
11. The wait is over…almost
12. the day has dawned
13. Through the first night
14. A superb 24 hours
15. Setting up, log books & BG monitoring
16. First few days’ blood glucose readings
17. First HbA1c since pump…anxiously waiting
18. First HbA1c since pump…the result

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