In April 2013 21 year old Gavin Griffiths – who has Type 1 Diabetes – started his challenge of running 30 miles each day for 30 continuous days from John O’Groats to Land’s End.

As a family we decided to get involved and help out or assist when and where we could.

This ended up with myself (Kev) cycling 100 miles beside Gavin on his last four days and Jane and 12 year old Amy cycling on Day 29 from Bodmin to St Agnes.

Here’s some articles about our involvement in Gav’s challenge:

1. Gav’s GBR30/30 Challenge – Running from John O’Groats to Land’s End
2. Gav’s GBR30/30 Challenge – Day 27 to Gav, day 1 to me
3. Gav’s GBR30/30 Challenge – Day 28 to Gav, day 2 to me
4. Gav’s GBR30/30 Challenge – Day 29 to Gav, day 1 to Amy, day 3 to me
5. Gav’s GBR30/30 Challenge – the final day

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