Be inspired – Danie and her Mum

I can pinpoint my inspiration to want to blog again to three individuals, none of whom I’ve ever met*. They have unknowingly relighted my desire to blog again, so if the posts of mine you’ve read are crap it’s their fault (not really, I’m joking).
* since posting this I’ve met one, Ninja.

Here’s the two people and the article which really made my mind up to blog again


A Mother’s Words

I came across Danie’s blog, The Danie Diaries, after viewing tweets from the #gbdoc and started reading her blog from there. Whilst enjoying her articles I’d often thought of re-igniting my blogging career but it wasn’t until I read one particular blog that I decided to go for it. The blog wasn’t by Danie though, it was an article by her Mum, and it echoed the words Jane and I had always meant to say to Amy but never actually had.I got Amy to read it and then said to her “that’s exactly how we feel”. Once I read that I knew I wanted to blog again.
Find the Danie Diaries blog, or on Facebook.

My next inspiration: What’s up (#gb)doc?

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