Be inspired – what’s up (#gb)doc?

I’ve been inspired by so many blogs from people who have type 1 diabetes, but more than anything it’s the information on Twitter I’ve found so useful. Many of the tweeters form the UK version of Diabetes Online Community, known as the #gbdoc. (Note: don’t be confused by the twitter account theGBDoc which in my eyes is completely separate to the group of people.)

There’s also a worldwide equivalent #doc, a Canadian version #candoc, an Australian version #ozdoc and probably many, many more.

The info you can find is so useful that I think that the first advice from any DSN (diabetes specialist nurse) to any newly diagnosed UK patient – or their parent(s) if it’s a child – should be “get yourself on Twitter and search for #gbdoc”. Perhaps they should even take it further and refuse to let you leave hospital until you’ve set up your Twitter account and started to follow a few on the #gbdoc people… okay, maybe not.
If you consider youself to be part of the #gbdoc then I consider you to be someone that’s helped me and I thank you for that.

Get yourself a Twitter account and search for posts with the #gbdoc hashtag

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