Nightscout-Vertical#WeAreNotWaiting is a social media hashtag about people with Type 1 Diabetes, or their parents, who are not waiting for the insulin pump and CGM companies to give them remote access to their own/child’s CGM data. This movement has created Nightscout, a full end-to-end solution for allowing someone to remotely monitor CGM data.

We are not waiting…
…for our child to be safe during sports
…for our child to safely have a sleepover at a friend’s house
…for a peace of mind that our children are safe
…to give our children a better chance to succeed at school
…for endocrinologists to assemble disjointed pieces of the data puzzle
…for the regulators to regulate
…for a cure

Here’s a list of all my posts related to We Are Not Waiting, Nightscout, xDrip and CGM-in-the-Cloud.

Recently introduced into the mix is xDrip, a self made device which reads data direct from Dexcom’s CGM. Here’s my blogs about xDrip: introduction, components, building it, how it fits in


If you’re new to all this spend a couple of minutes and watch this video to set the scene:


Maybe this will help with the Why?


If you’ve got 14 minutes spare watching the first part of Lane Desborough’s presentation video will help explain things



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