Step-by-step Guide to Soldering an xDripKit

solderxDripKitIf you’re interested in building an xDrip but are worried about soldering all the components and wires together properly then a simpler solution might be to buy an almost ready made xDripKit.

It’s simpler to make and get working quicker, but for me personally I’d go for making my own xDrip from components everytime, they’re not so hard to build and you can make them smaller, or a more suitable design.

Here’s a step-by-step video showing just how simple it is to get an xDripKit device working.


This video has been made without any knowledge or involvement from Steve, the seller of xDripKit. No money, kit or even chat has been exchanged between us.
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2 Responses to Step-by-step Guide to Soldering an xDripKit

  1. Wm J Marston says:

    Hope this isn’t the totality of instruction on attaching the two devices together, as there is no identification of WHICH spots/holes/silvery circles are to be “soldered”. There is no warning that touching the soldering iron tip to anything else will instantly cause bad things to happen – plastic, paper, circuit board components & skin will either instantly melt and/or actually burn & smoke! PLEASE add basic instructions rather than all that time repeatedly watching evanescent solder melting into/onto those unidentified spots on the circuit board – which does not inform a viewer anything at all. Hope this helps you improve your webpage, because the text of your experience(s) and instructions is excellent.
    AND thanks so much for doing all this!!

    • Kev says:

      I’m not sure why you’re having a go at people who are just trying to help.
      Okay there’s none of the warnings that you talk of but then again I’ve not warned anyone that poking a hot soldering iron in your eye will hurt, I’ve never tried it, but I’m pretty sure it will.
      Rather than be critical at others please feel free to Pay It Forward and write a blog of detailed ‘how to solder’ instructions, let me know and I’ll link to it from here. Although of course there are already lots of videos teaching people how to solder properly and I’m sure those who are new to soldering after watching this video will have already watched prior to soldering anything.

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