Sensor statistics and costs

UPDATE: This old page hasn’t been updated for some time. A few months ago Amy switched to use Dexcom G5, and gets her readings directly on her Xiaomi 4X phone using xDrip+. From there they go up to Nightscout and feed her DIY closed loop artificial pancreas.

The sensors

The DexcomG4 sensors are guaranteed for just one week and it costs over £186 for a box of four.

Prolonging the sensors

There’s no way we could find a spare £186 every month so we’ll be doing everything we can to extend the life of the sensors. One simple way to do this is make sure the sensor’s adhesive plaster doesn’t come off or get too gunked up so we, like many before us, apply Rock Tape over the plaster and change that tape every 3 or so days, except for RockTapeH2O which stays stuck for 14 days.

Some numbers

Minimum days : 13 (well actually it was 9 (see notes from 20/08/14 below) but I’m not counting that 🙂 ).
Maximum days : 32 (03/9/14 to 05/10/14).
Average days : 21 (not including sensor 2 which came out by accident, it never died)

Sensor dates

13. 29/6/15 – 15/7/15 – 16 days, sensor appeared to actually die, i.e. output reading stayed at 6.5mmol, however I think it’s actually the transmitter which has died. (Box D)
12. 15/5/15 – 6/6/15 – 22 days, quite patch in the last week, seemed better during the night than the day. (Box C)
11. 19/4/15 – 4/5/15 – 15 days, not great but at least a full two weeks means double the length of time. (Box C)
10. 23/3/15 – 10/4/15 – 18 days, better than the last one but nowhere near the average, maybe there is something different about this batch. (Box C)
9. 3/3/15 – 16/3/15 = 13 days, absolutely the worst one so far, in terms of length and reading breaks. First of a new batch, hope it’s not a sign. (Box C)
8. 3/2/15 – 28/2 = 25 days (sensor from a friend as we lent her one)
7. 22/12/14 – 17/01/15 = 26 days – interestingly even at the end when the Vibe just showed ??? our new DexDrip was working relatively accurately. (Box B)
6. 23/11/14 – 16/12/14 = 23 days (Box B)
5. 25/10/14 – 15/11/14 = 21 days – similar to the previous one it’s not tracked well for the past 4 days or so. (Box B)
4. 05/10/14 – 25/10/14 = 20 days – disappointed with this one but it wasn’t tracking well near the end. (Box A)
3. 03/09/14 – 05/10/14 = 32 days – we didn’t tape it down enough near the end and with the Dexcom adhesive completely gone only Rock Tape was holding it on. When we took it off the sensor was still working. (Box A)
2. 20/08/14 – 29/08/14 = 9 days – Amy was in and out of the sea playing lots so it never stood a chance and got pulled out. Next she does this we’ll use H2O Rock Tape to cover it. (Box A)
(decided to have a long break over the holiday period.)
1. 18/06/14 – 12/07/14 = 25 days (Box A)


Date Cost Product Purchased from
May 2015 £20 Hot Pink double width RockTape eBay
May 2015 £186 4 Dexcom G4 sensors (Box D) Animas
February 2015 £186 4 Dexcom G4 sensors (Box C) Animas
October 2014 £186 4 Dexcom G4 sensors (Box B) Animas
September 2014 £13 Kinesio Tex Gold – Blue eBay – Blue Kinesio Tex Gold tape
September 2014 £13 Rock Tape H2O – Union Jack eBay – Union Jack Rock Tape H2O
September 2014 £13 Rock Tape – Tattoo eBay – Tattoo Rock Tape
June 2014 £13 Rock Tape – Pink Camo eBay – Pink Camo Rock Tape
June 2014 £37 Skin Tac and Tac Away, just in case we need them MG Healthcare
June 2014 £500 Dexcom starter kit, including transmitter and 4 sensors (Box A) Animas

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    Guys I dont know if you know about opsite? its available on px and lasts me 2-3 weeks a sheet? also animas send out skintac

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