Welcome to our blog about life in a family trying their best to deal with type 1 diabetes and all it throws at you.

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We’ve covered the day of diagnosis from all angles: the general story, a Father’s viewpoint, a Mother’s viewpoint and more importantly the view from Amy who was 10 at the time. We hope that these posts and the other diagnosis related posts will help newly diagnosed families understand each other a bit more.


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6 Responses to Home

  1. Tony says:


    Is there anyone building a complete x-drip out there in the UK?



  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Kev,

    I was hoping that someone who has maybe built a few….has gone through a number of improvements/redesigns etc would make one for me (Id pay ofcourse)….rather than me struggle getting parts and reinventing the wheel.



    • Kev says:

      Hey Tony, I can’t see that happening as they would be effectively making a medical device for someone else, which in my opinion makes it illegal. I certainly won’t make anyone else’s xDrip and I’m not sure you’ll find anyone who will. I learned to solder to be able to do this myself, I only bought a very cheap soldering kit and it took me a couple of test attempts to learn.

      • Al says:

        Is there a link out there to buy all the compatible parts from one place in UK? Sure I saw one…

        • Kev says:

          Not sure there is for all of the individual components but it’s not too much hassle to buy from multiple, there’s only a few components needed for xDrip. There is of xDripKit.co.uk but it’s not something I’ve used before.

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