First questions from a newly diagnosed diabetic

Here is a list of questions I wrote on my pad within the first 24 hours of being diagnosed.

Will I have diabetes forever?
They told me straight away that I would.

Will I need insulin for every meal?
Yes, I would need to take insulin with every meal and also take some other insulin before bedtime.

Does this mean I can’t go to India anymore?
This question is discussed in the article ‘Does this mean I can’t go to India anymore?‘.

Will I spread diabetes by hugging someone?
I love hugging, it makes me feel happy but I didn’t want give my friends and family diabetes. The answer is no of course 🙂

Will I spread diabetes by kissing someone?
Same as above.

Will I always need to do lots of blood sugar tests or is it just because I’ve just been diagnosed?
Yes, it’s best to always test your blood sugars often.

Why do I need to take two different insulins?
One acts quickly and is for the meals you eat and the other one which you take at night lasts longer.

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