First HbA1c since pump…the result

The waiting is (almost) over

It’s time, time for Amy’s first proper clinic appointment since going on an insulin pump, the one where they’ll check her HbA1c.
I blogged yesterday about being anxious about this test, even though we all know it’s a flawed test right? 🙂
Today I don’t feel anxious at all, just excited as I’m more positive about what the pump’s done for Amy and some of the work we’ve put in.
Whatever the result I’m annoyed with myself a little as I know we could have worked harder at this but that’s easy to say now we’re 3 months in to using a pump; I wouldn’t have said it at the start (even though we’ve had few problems).

In Diasend Heaven

I’ve been uploading Amy’s pump/meter data on to Diasend regularly and have sent the login details to the clinic but will they have looked at our data? I very much doubt it.
Amy is the first child at our hospital on an Animas pump – our choice – and so the use of Diasend is new for our clinic. It’s okay though, I don’t mind, I’m happy to show them how it all works.
I’ve printed off the key reports and I hope the nurses and Doctors will be impressed about how easy they are to understand, certainly less complicated than I remember our old Accu-chek reports being.

It’s clinic time…

Here we go, it’s time to go in…wish us luck.

The result

That’s a drop of 0.8 since the last one… and we’ve not even really been trying.*
Get in.

* following some idiotic criticism when I’ve said this elsewhere I feel I should qualify the statement: in the first 3 months we’ve let Amy enjoy the pump and its benefits, such as bolusing for snacks, which in turn means she’s had lots of snacks, something she hadn’t done for 2.5 years. We’ve not been using combo/wave bolus, nor looking into super-bolusing etc.

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3 Responses to First HbA1c since pump…the result

  1. Gretchen says:

    Amy, that is such wonderful news; I’m so happy that is is working well for you!


  2. Morgan and Joanne says:

    Thank you for this amazing story. My daughter Morgan is about to go on her 1st pump. Diagnosed at 10 , now age 12.
    She was dead against it then did her research on you tube after watching everyone’s positive response wanted one . Name down Jan 2014 we found out last night she is getting it July or August.
    We read the whole getting an insulin pump tonight and she’s very excited it’s made it real. So thanks for sharing.
    So as she turns 13 in July we are hoping for a better quality of life for her teenage years and beyond.

    • kev says:

      Hi and thanks for your kind words. The pump is no cure but it can solve many issues and make certain things a lot easier. Of course new issues are introduced but on balance Amy says the good far outweighs the bad. 10 months in she still loves her pump.

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