Wire free charging for your xDrip

NOTE: xDrip used to be called DexDrip so you might find some references to the old name in this article.



I’m slightly jealous at the moment…

Andrew Abramowicz wanted to take his xDrip to the next level, so he made another one with inductive charging using the Qi wireless receiver module from Adafruit. He increased his battery size to 2000mAh which is roughly the same size as the charging module, which is a little on the delicate side.

Watch this video of how to connect the module up:


a) Never make a medical decision based on a reading from any CGM device, whether certified (eg Dexcom) or not (eg xDrip). Always perform a fingerstick blood glucose check first.
b) xDrip is a DIY product, decide for yourself if you wish to use it. Build it, test it, test it again and use (if you want to) in conjunction with a certified receiver.
c) The fact that it is working for us does not mean it’s right for you.
d) Never build a xDrip for anyone else and never sell one.
e) The blogs are provided for information only. We are not endorsing it for use by others, nor promoting it, just merely publishing our information as well as answering questions from previous blog articles.
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  1. Russ N. says:

    What does soldering the jumper on the charging board do?

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