First look: Accu-chek Aviva Insight Pump


At a recent diabetes education day I got the chance to have a look at the new Roche Accu-chek Aviva Insight Pump, nicely demoed by Helen our local Roche rep.

I was very interested to see this pump especially as it came a very close second to the Animas Vibe we selected for Amy last June. You may be interested in my write-up from our official demo of the Roche Accu-chek Combo Pump from May 2013.

I only had a few minutes to look/play with the pump and its meter so I’ll keep this brief.

Here’s a few key points about the new pump:
1. It’s still not officially waterproof although like its predecessor it’s IPx8 rated, as is same as the Animas Vibe which is regarded as waterproof by Animas. So it’s waterproof BUT if it gets damaged by water it’s not covered under warranty. This is (still) madness and something Roche need to sort out…in my opinion.
2. It has a new meter which has a more modern feel about it.
3. The pump appears to be much smaller and like its meter looks more modern than its predecessor.
4. The reservoir only holds 200 units of insulin. I was asked by a friend if this would be a problem for us and it wouldn’t: Amy changes her infusion set on her Animas every 3 days and puts about 160 units in.
5. There’s a new device to help fill the pump reservoir which takes some of the hassle out of the process. I liked this, a lot, which is why I took a little video…see below.
6. Soon after release you will be able to get pre-filled Novorapid cartridges, which appear to only hold 160u.
7. Both the meter and the pump look so much nicer than before.
8. If you want CGM, you’ll probably have to wait for the next pump model.
9. It is due for official release to the public in June/July.

Here’s the meter and pump:

Here’s the meter showing its nice colour screen:

Here’s the reservoir filling device:

Here’s the reservoir filling device in action:


Further reading:
About the Insight pump
About the cartridge filling system
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12 Responses to First look: Accu-chek Aviva Insight Pump

  1. Nikki says:

    I can’t wait for this pump, so excited!!

    • Lucy Colclough. says:

      Me too 🙂

    • Julie Graham says:

      Hi, could someone tell me if the new reservoir filling system could be used on another pump? I am blind but don’t want to use this particular pump after looking at other options. I know it has a prefilled cartridge too but want to go with an older pump maybe. I can’t see how it works but perhaps it cold be used with another pump.

      • kev says:

        Hi Julie, I’m not sure if it could used with another pump’s reservoirs or not, although the reservoir did look similar to my daughter’s Animas Vibe ones. I’m at a jdrf event this weekend so if Roche are there I will try and ask.

  2. Emily Price says:

    Hi there, thank you for the info, there isn’t much available yet for this pump! my DSN said I can upgrade mine when this is released and like you she has just done the training too! I’ve had my combo for 4.5 yrs.

    A quick question, on the monitor it shows ‘Quick note” on the meter, does this mean you can write notes relating to your bm’s and boluses? Really hope so :-)

    • kev says:

      Yes I think that’s what it’s for, although I only had a quick look at it.

      • Emily price says:

        Oh brilliant! I’m a real saddo and like to record everything on my pump so currently transfer all my info onto another app so that will be a lot easier!

        Thank you and roll on the release date

  3. Jules says:

    You were so lucky to see one of these and so early. I have been told there are none available and no brochures . Nor will I be able to see one when I have to choose my new pump this month. I cant believe you have seen and handled one of these in March.. I am due to finish my 6 year pump contract early (Sept 2014 ) instead of Feb 2015 so may miss out on the technology, as I was given someone elses pump who didn’t get on with it. When I spoke to Roche they say they are still in trials and have no info to send out, but did get some info on the phone, so I have to make a choice without seeing this one??!! .. It looks so good, but hope they have cured the air bubble problem I have also been told that if they don’t release this pump I have to stay on the Combo which they are lending out until this is released. I LOVE the small size which will make life easier for the 6 year contract, but not so mad about the no waterproof warranty and not sure whether they have reduced the air bubble problems. Can anyone help with this. Not easy choosing a pump which isn’t out, and which my DSN hasn’t got a demo of and won’t have for some time?! The Animas looks good with selling points but its the same size and a bit longer than the spirit/combo So for comfort and everyday active wear a much smaller pump would be wonderful. THANK YOU for posting this.. and you were so lucky to actually see and handle one.. Does anyone know whether there are any education days like this in Cornwall?

    • Kev says:

      Hi Jules, INPUT Diabetes held an event in Truro (I think) earlier this year and I think all the major pump suppliers were there. Take a look at JDRF South West’s Web site and see if anything’s coming up, or contact Danielle Angel at JDRF

    • Kev says:

      Hi Jules, INPUT DIABETES held an event in Truro earlier this year and I think all the major pump companies were there. Try looking at JDRF South West’s Web site for info of other days or contact Danielle Angel at JDRF

  4. Jules says:

    Thank you so much for the info .. We were told at a Type 1 meeting some time ago that only nurses and doctors were invited to such things, so I have to admit I haven’t looked since. And as Roche here have nothing to show me and there’s the whole waterproof issue, despite really liking the fact this seems to be a lot smaller and no end cap , I am not sure I want to risk being stuck on a combo with no waterproof guarantee because I wanted a smaller lighter pump. Hey ho!!!
    Thanks for your site, and help.

  5. Judith says:

    Looks great! However, am I correct when I notice there’s only 1 available option for a needle here? (Insight Flex Infusion Set). With my current pump, I love the fact that I was able to switch needles when it was needed (last year).

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