Diabetes UK are Making the Grade

Hands up for Good Diabetes Care tweetI saw Diabetes UK’s ‘Hands Up for Good Diabetes Care in Schools’ a while ago, after seeing a tweet from a rather proud Andy, proud of the video 10 year old Lewis starred in.

If you’ve not seen it take a look by playing the video below.

A great campaign

Make the Grade is yet another great campaign from Diabetes UK and I’m really grateful for all that they and all the other diabetes charities do to make my daughter’s journey from school and life that little bit easier. Although she’s one of the lucky ones, backed by a school who are willing to make the adjustments necessary for people who need them.


Sticking up for our kids’ rights

Others of course are not so lucky, such as Andy & Zoe’s Lewis who was excluded from a residential trip because of his condition, with the school expecting Zoe and Andy to bring Lewis home every evening during the trip. The school was clearly discriminating which is why a tribunal found in favour of Zoe & Andy but isn’t it a shame any parent needs to ever battle with a school over their child’s care. I’d do exactly the same, in fact, I almost did.

Sticking up for my kid’s rights

It was way before I ever got to know Zoe or Andy – in fact we still haven’t met – that I printed out a cutting about their court case and headed off to my daughter’s school only a few weeks before she went on a school trip to Germany.
I gave the article to one of the school management team and said “please read this and tell me if we have a problem”.
“No Mr Winchcombe, everything will be fine.”.
And that’s how it should be, for every child and parent.
For those parents who aren’t so lucky that have the backing of Diabetes UK and their Make the Grade campaign”.

What can other parents do?

First, watch the video embedded above if you haven’t already.
Visit the Make the Grade section of Diabetes UK’s web site.
Order up the parents pack and maybe order up a school pack too.
Be aware of what schools should be doing.
Make sure your school is giving your child good care and if they’re not approach them, talk to them, educate them (ah the irony).

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