xDrip Software Installation Video – Android App, by Dietrich Lehr

NOTE: xDrip used to be called DexDrip so you might find some references to the old name in this article.


xDrip logoOnce the software has been loaded on the Wixel (see video on previous post) you will need to install the software on your Android phone/tablet which will read the data from the xDrip device.

Since writing this page everything has been simplified and you no longer have to follow the steps in the video. Now you can just download the application here.

In this excellent video Dietrich Lehr takes us through each part of the installation, from the downloading of software, the installation of software, the creation of keys and finally loading that software onto your phone. Below the video are the links used in the video as well as the link to Android Studio’s download page as you will also need that app.


Android Studio download home page (Android Studio installation video)
GitHub repository for xdrip Android app
xDrip Android app ZIP file

Thanks to Dieter Lehr for making and sharing this video.

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