An unsuitable hypo treatment

On Saturday night, after a fantastic day at the #GBDOC Conference we returned to the hotel with some snacks for the evening to accompany our hilarious game of Cards Against Humanity. Amy bolused for the carbs she was going to eat, putting on a combo bolus and all was set. Hours later we went to sleep in our cosy hotel room, with Amy sleeping two feet away from me in her bed.

Within 30 minutes I was woken to a beeping followed by a vibration noise, it was her Animas Vibe pump alarming us to a hypo. Everyone slept through. I checked DexDrip on my phone and could see she was stable, arrows going straight, unfortunately not upwards but fortunately not downwards.

I waited. Nothing changed, so I woke her up.
“Amy, you’re low, take 5 dextro tabs please and go back to sleep.”
I turned over and went back to sleep.

30 minutes passed and I’m awoken again, reach for the pump and set she’s low again, she went up a little after the hypo treatment but went back down again.*
I put on a temporary basal of 0% – effectively turning the pump off – and waited 30 minutes but nothing really changed as she still had some insulin on board.
I didn’t understand it though; those Dextro tabs should have brought her up to 7 or 8 mmol.

“Amy, wake up, you’re hypo again.”
“I don’t understand, I took some Dextro. Hold on, they tasted minty.”
*confused faces*
I shined my phone’s light on the floor and there it was, along with the explanation why she was still hypo.


So there we have it, toothpaste is clearly not a suitable hypo treatment.
Who knew?!

* clearly something to do with waking up, becoming active then going to sleep again.

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  1. Yuck! Funny, but not funny – I’m guessing we’ll have some random mistakes to survive through too 🙂

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