Fat Head Pizza (Low carb, Gluten free)

FatHead (12)

This low carb pizza was given its name from the movie Fat Head, which is well worth a watch if you’re interested in the food industry. You can find the original recipe here. This pizza has quickly become one of the favourite pizzas of many a low-carber. My friend Helen recently posted her version of the Fat Head recipe.

Most often I will make a double-batch pizza, as I did today on a 12″ pizza tray, therefore I would double the ingredients you see below.

NOTE: This article might have been posted on 1st April but this pizza is no April Fools’ Day joke.

Carbs, carbs, carbs

With the right ingredients this should work out at roughly 20g carbohydrates for the WHOLE PIZZA, then add carbs for whatever toppings you’re using.
At a push I could eat one whole pizza, but two-thirds is more my portion-size (and I can eat a lot of pizza) as this is really filling.
But hold on…there’s a lot of protein which may raise your glucose levels…and fat too? If you have Type 1 Diabetes you might need to bolus accordingly for fat and protein.

The ingredients

FatHead (1)

For a single pizza
175g grated mozzarella
75g almond flour
35g cream cheese / Philadelphia
pinch salt
1 egg
grated cheddar
and lots of toppings
For a double 12″ pizza, like I made today
350g grated mozzarella
150g almond flour
35g cream cheese / Philadelphia
pinch garlic salt
2 eggs
grated cheddar
and lots of toppings: 2 chillies, 1 pepper, 6 slices pepperoni, 2 rashers bacon, 3 small mushrooms, teaspoon of fajita seasoning

Step 1 – Mix

FatHead (2)Put the mozzarella, almond flour and (garlic) salt in a large microwavable bowl and mix thoroughly.
If you’re using cream cheese – I don’t tend to – then add it in now.

Step 2 – Nuke

FatHead (3)Microwave in 30 second increments until the cheese is stringy (see right).
For a double batch like the one featured here it took 3 minutes in total to melt the cheese.

Step 3 – Mix in egg(s)

FatHead (4)Break an egg into the mixture – or two if you’re doing a double batch as I did today.
Whisk egg(s) up with a fork and fold in to the mixture.
It will seem like the egg will never get soaked up but it will, just keep going.

Step 4 – Prepare base

FatHead (5)Grease a pizza tray.
No greasing makes for a destroyed pizza when you try and remove it!

Step 5 – Edge to edge

FatHead (6)With wet hands flatten the mixture out, trying to keep its thickness the same throughout.
Use a fork to prick small holes all over the pizza base. Don’t forget to do this!
Place in oven for 15 minutes at 200C (fan).

Step 6 – Prepare the toppings

FatHead (7)Whilst the base is in the oven prepare your toppings.
We’ve had some great conconctions over the years but tonight I opted for a spicy bacon and pepperoni, made up of chillies, green pepper, mushrooms, pepperoni and bacon.

Step 7 – Remove pizza base and curse

FatHead (8)After 15 minutes take the base out of the oven…and then curse yourself if you – like me today – forgot to prick the base in Step 5. If you did forget then expect to see a raised bubble or two, as in the picture; use a fork now to prick the base to get the air out.

Step 8 – Make your pizza

FatHead (9)Spread passata thinly over the base then add your toppings.
Grate some cheese over all the toppings so it melts them all together.
Bearing in mind this whole pizza is made of cheese you may wish to not go overboard at this stage.

Step 9 – Bake your pizza

FatHead (10)Put the pizza in the oven at the same temperature as before.
Depending on your toppings it shouldn’t take long, I did tonight’s for just under 10 minutes.

Step 10 – Check and remove

FatHead (11)When your pizza is done, remove it from the oven and raise the corners of your lips towards your ears. Good job.

Step 11 – Eat

FatHead (12)Enjoy.

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3 Responses to Fat Head Pizza (Low carb, Gluten free)

  1. Ian Watts says:

    Looking good – going to have to try it!!

  2. I’m going to make this over the weekend and leave out the cream cheese – yours looks less wet than mine

    • Kev says:

      I notice you have way more almond flour than me too. I tried all sorts of combinations but can never remember which one works best.

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